Digital Media and IT Consultant – About Jan Kuester

Portrait of Jan Kuester, digital media student and assessment software developer


I am a digital media graduate with project experience in diverse areas. This ranges from developing e-assessment software, classroom management systems or b2b software for IBM Notes Domino. These projects involved to master different technologies, ranging from Java and JSF to xPages and currently NodeJS via Meteor with external rendering libraries. I also had the opportunity to further develop my consulting skills when I was working at We4IT in Bremen.

I appreciate to be part of teams from different disciplines and cultural backgrounds. It makes me drive, when I can work or support others towards a solution for complex problems. So I did during my master studies, my collaborative master project and my master thesis. My strengths unfold when I keep the balance between teamwork and self reliance. While working in teams, I like to obtain a responsible position and focus on meaningful tasks in cooperation with others. Creative and productive contributions to a task are to me the alpha and omega of a project.

Despite German being my mother tongue, I developed my English towards a level of business fluent and academic writing (C1, CEFR). I spend my free time with training of martial arts for staying healthy and balanced. I also support others in the installation and theming of Wordpress blogs, compose digital music and create 3D graphic animations with blender or develop games with libgdx.


Specialization Topics

While I was working at We4IT in Bremen I’ve gotten in touch with the world IBM Notes Domino and it surrounding technologies. As a consultant, I advised and supported customers in process of transition from a legacy environment to a modern web based solution. This often involved classic requirements engineering and analysis of existing IBM Notes applications, written in formula language and lotus script. The process of migration was an opportunity to deepen my project management experience. I also learned a lot about customer needs, company specific workflows, bpmn and camunda, as well as the domino API.


Digital Media Studies

During my master studies I specialized in software development of test-scenario engines and innovative item formats. This also included editing, scaling, deployment and scoring of computer based assessments. I submitted my master thesis about the topic Semi Automated Scoring Support in Technology based Asssessment. The thesis scoped the development of a scoring algorithm for a newly invented spreadsheet-like item, where participants are enabled to freely generate answers within the full spectrum of a spreadsheet.

During my bachelor studies in digital media  I experiences a great semester abroad in Australia at the University of Melbourne. I also gathered and applied knowledge in the field of usability and accessibility. I have worked for three years as a student assisstan, where I develop a diagnosis software for functional illiterates. In my bachelor thesis, I created a prototype version of a visually aided keyboard for this target audience.

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