You can contact me directly via email: info [at] jankuester [dot] com

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Hire Me!

You can hire me as a freelancer for your software projects. Please note, that this is just an overview and not a binding offer. Summarized, I offer the following services:

  • Requirement Engineering
    • Requirements Elicitation
    • Requirements Analysis
    • Product Requirements Document
  • Software Development
    • Frontend/Backend
    • Preferrably JavaScript or Java
    • All code unit tested and documented (depending on your test infrastructure)
  • Training
    • Introduction to Software Development
    • Balanced mix of theory and practical examples
    • Focussing either Java, Processing or JavaScript (using NodeJS)
  • Research
    • Based on scientific principles and proper methodology
    • Preferrably qualitative methods
    • Well documented data collecting, analysis and evaluation
    • Cautious and critical conclusions

If you are interested in hiring me in one of these fields, please contact me via email with a short summary of your request. All further proceedings will be discussed subsequently.

Open Source Code collaboration

I highly appreciate any pull requests on github! You can contribute to all of my public projects. Also do not hesitate to leave a bug report or feature request by opening an issues.