University of Bremen

Fullstack JS Development Lead

Leading the core and component development at the bmbf sponsored project “Care Reflection Online”.

Goal is to realize a revolutionary realtime classroom management system for the healthcare education sector.

Technologies consist of Meteor, Bootstrap and React.

Master Thesis in Digital Media

Title: Semi Automated Scoring Support in Technology based Assessment
Categories: Technology Based Assessment, Item Development, Algorithm Design, Reliability Analysis.
Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Karsten Wolf, Prof. Dr. Andreas Breiter


Develop and evaluate an algorithmic approach to partially evaluate results in a spreadsheet. The results are intended to support a human coder. A great challenge was to respect the extensive model with evaluation rules (determined by third parties).

The inter-coder reliability between a human group and the machine rating has been analyzed and evaluated. Finally, a qualitative analysis of the inter-coder reliabilities has been applied. Conclusions for the algorithm as well for the overall proceeding have been drawn for future efforts in this field.

Master Semester Project

Title: PrIMA – Priming Information for Medical Assiciation
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Andreas Breiter
Role(s): Software Architect, Software Development


Develop a multitouch application to support multilingual understanding of descriptions of symptoms using priming. In the end two papers were committed to conferences (link link) and a yearbook artcle has been published.

Experiences and Outcome
  • One semester full-time project
  • Supervisor-independent organization and management of the project team
  • Daily scrum and weekly story telling
  • Setup and maintain Project Managaement System (Redmine) on a Debian server
  • Software lead architect (Java)
  • Software developer (Java)
  • Software Tester (Java)
  • SVN as collaboration tool

Scientific Employee

Project: Technology Based Domain Specific Learning Assessment
Facility: Media didactics research unit, faculty 12, university of bremen
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Karsten D. Wolf


Develop software for scenario based assessment of vocational skills. This has been a collaboration with partners of different universities. Targeting industrial trainees, the field test has been proceeded across Germany with a sample around 800.

Project Roles
  • Project meetings with partners across the country to gather requirements and present results
  • Leading a development team of three student assistants (designer, developer and tester)
  • Software design and implementation
  • Software testing and debugging
  • Field testing
Project Outcome
  • Invented a USB based solution for field tests without the need for installing
  • Developed a generic scenario based test framework (ode publishing in progress)
  • Developed innovative rich media items (SpreadSheet Item, Email Simulation Item)
  • Publications

Student Assistant

Project: otu.lea – Online Diagnosis for Workforce Literacy Development
Supervirsors: Prof. Dr. Karsten Wolf, Dipl.-Päd. Ilka Koppel
Position: Student Assistant

Project Description

otu.lea is a German diagnosis software for functional illiterates and persons below PISA level one. It allows to assess the fundamental levels of reading, writing, math and understanding spoken language. The tests are build upon the lea portfolio. It has been designed and tested together with the target group to adequately address their needs in terms of usability and accessibility. Every textual occurrence is supported by visual and aural informations to overcome dependencies on reading abilities.

Project Roles
  • Developed the software design based on an existing architecture
  • Implemented the majority of the software (Adobe Flex, about 15000 lines of source code)
  • Implemented the server connection (php)
  • Blackbox / whitebox testing
  • Usability testing with target group
  • Documentation
  • Co authoring a publication