Student Assistant

Project: otu.lea – Online Diagnosis for Workforce Literacy Development
Supervirsors: Prof. Dr. Karsten Wolf, Dipl.-Päd. Ilka Koppel
Position: Student Assistant

Project Description

otu.lea is a German diagnosis software for functional illiterates and persons below PISA level one. It allows to assess the fundamental levels of reading, writing, math and understanding spoken language. The tests are build upon the lea portfolio. It has been designed and tested together with the target group to adequately address their needs in terms of usability and accessibility. Every textual occurrence is supported by visual and aural informations to overcome dependencies on reading abilities.

Project Roles
  • Developed the software design based on an existing architecture
  • Implemented the majority of the software (Adobe Flex, about 15000 lines of source code)
  • Implemented the server connection (php)
  • Blackbox / whitebox testing
  • Usability testing with target group
  • Documentation
  • Co authoring a publication