EASY Archive and EASY Interface EBIS Training

Finished a four day training for EASY Archive and EASY EBIS. Courses were held at the EASY Software AG training center in Mülheim (Ruhr), Germany

Topics included among the following

  • Init EASY.x server
  • Using the configuration manager
  • Create import schemes, pools and views
  • Import files and create property files
  • Writing batch files for multiple and complex imports
  • Using Java API for EBIS to create programmatic import, export, archive filtering and file access

Project Management Seminar

Title: Projactivity – “Learning for successful projects”
Supervisor: Getoq Consulting GmbH Bremen
Outcome: Certificate (German)

  • Basic terms and concepts of project management
  • Project goals: quality, costs, deadlines
  • Omportance of process oriented competencies and managing activities in context of projects
    • Customer and supplier contacts
    • Change management
    • Communication structures
    • Controlling
  • Proceeding through all phases of a project
    • Conceptualization and planning
    • Project realization
    • Project closure and evaluation
  • Elements of an efficient controlling and cost projection
  • Risk analysis and stakeholders
  • Roles and management responsibilities
  • Social key qualifications for successful projects