Master Thesis in Digital Media

Title: Semi Automated Scoring Support in Technology based Assessment
Categories: Technology Based Assessment, Item Development, Algorithm Design, Reliability Analysis.
Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Karsten Wolf, Prof. Dr. Andreas Breiter


Develop and evaluate an algorithmic approach to partially evaluate results in a spreadsheet. The results are intended to support a human coder. A great challenge was to respect the extensive model with evaluation rules (determined by third parties).

The inter-coder reliability between a human group and the machine rating has been analyzed and evaluated. Finally, a qualitative analysis of the inter-coder reliabilities has been applied. Conclusions for the algorithm as well for the overall proceeding have been drawn for future efforts in this field.

Master Semester Project

Title: PrIMA – Priming Information for Medical Assiciation
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Andreas Breiter
Role(s): Software Architect, Software Development


Develop a multitouch application to support multilingual understanding of descriptions of symptoms using priming. In the end two papers were committed to conferences (link link) and a yearbook artcle has been published.

Experiences and Outcome
  • One semester full-time project
  • Supervisor-independent organization and management of the project team
  • Daily scrum and weekly story telling
  • Setup and maintain Project Managaement System (Redmine) on a Debian server
  • Software lead architect (Java)
  • Software developer (Java)
  • Software Tester (Java)
  • SVN as collaboration tool