Portrait of Jan Kuester, digital media student and assessment software developer

I have graduated in Digital Media (M.Sc.) at the University of Bremen in 2015. Back then I specialized in engineering a learning software for functional illiterates and an assessment software for vocational competency research.

After my graduation I have worked in the private sector as IT consultant in the domain of IBM Domino and xPages at We4IT GmbH, Bremen.

I have then been offered to join a research project with the aim to develop a next generation learning management system for nursing education. While this software is still in development, the first field tests with partner schools showed a high potential for combining interactionist based didactics with a digital classroom management.

In the meantime I have alrady attended the next project, where we curremntly build the largest learning and diagnostic software application infrastructure for improving basic literacy in Germany.

In my free time I try to get as much sport as I can but recently I got stuck a lot on helping people on StackOverflow with their Meteor questions. I also actively publish and improve Meteor and NPM packages on GitHub.

I also love video games and played since my childhood.