You are a Flex or AIR developer and need to integrate a pdf viewer with more customization options than the StageWebView provides? Then you should checkout this. The PDFView project is in development and it aims to cover the PDF specification standard (see the Adobe Publications) in the long run. It will do this all without third party libraries!

How does the pdf viewer work?

With other pdf viewers in mind it will parse the pdf object model and then transform the objects into the flex graphic objects. The Flex engine is a very good counterpart for displaying PDF content, since it already provides all the required color state transformations, filters and rendering tools for fonts, images and vector graphics.

Current Status

The code is currently at version 0.1 where the engine loads the pdf page-tree and page related resources. It also renders simple texts as well as jpeg and png images. Note that I will only continue to work on this project, if there is someone who is curious to support the programming. You can contact me and I pull the project from github. We can discuss a roadmap and start instantly with coding.


The work is released under the Apache 2.0 licence.


You need the Adobe Flash Builder 4.6, prefferably 4.7 or a similar IDE for Flex Development and at least the Flex 4.6 SDK and AIR 3.1 or higher.

Download / Source

Get the source from my github page: Contributors are very welcome!

Licence Information

Read the licence information for every package you want to install. All of this software comes without any warranty and is delivered as is. All of these projects are open source and using a free licence. You should always inspect the code before you install anything. Feel free to checkout or fork any of these open source projects on github. Contributors and critics are always welcome!

Jan Küster

I have graduated in Digital Media (M.Sc.) at the University of Bremen. After working as a consultant I am now developing the next level of leaning software with Meteor.

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