Infographics created with tikz

When I created the latexcv repo on github, I already had in mind to create an infographics version. (Shortcut to the result is here.) My requirements were simple. Use only packages that comply with pdflatex and do not use prebuildt commands for the graphics. I choose the tikz library for drawing in combination with many hours for research and coding. Thanks to tex.stackexchange and wikibooks I found nearly always a solution for my concepts.

The trickiest part with tikz was to combine it’s measurement units with the measurements of the latex page. This was often a trial and error approach until I found a good scale to fit both units.

Font Awesome for Icons

Since my last job I am very focused using font awesome. But it’s integration was not working out with my requirement of using only pdflatex. I also avoided the use of the svg package to display the icons. The package caused me too much trouble with other packages and I finally decided to use a png version of font awesome. I found it on github and included it in the tex code

However, I left the image files out mainly because I didn’t want to bind you on this particular icon theme. Feel free to replace it with your own or just grab the png files from the Font-Awesome-SVG-PNG repository.

Reusable Components

There will the time, when I or anyone else wants to use the components elsewhere. This is why I designed them highly parameterized. Their only job is to draw by given colors and attach the corresponding labels. This is not implemented for all components but for the most. My long term goal is to make all of the components 100% reusable. Feel free to contribute!

The following image is a rasterized preview of the (better looking) main pdf output file.


By the way, the layout and component design has been influenced by this graphics from Kentico. They also use a orange and blue color scheme which is why it was a great orientation to me.

Jan Küster

I have graduated in Digital Media (M.Sc.) at the University of Bremen. After working as a consultant I am now developing the next level of leaning software with Meteor.

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