You could write your own extensive LaTex master thesis code with your own layout. However, what do you do if you are short in time? Especially, when you want to start quick and without any hassle into your thesis writing, this template provides you a good foundation. Even your first steps will already look great and you can extend and customize the code later in any way you want.

The template includes colors, font styles, page styles, graphics, bibliography and tables. Many of them are wrapped into custom commands for a more handy writing style. It includes even more advanced topics such as pseudo-code for algorithms, syntax highlighting for code snippets and mathematical equations. Check the example pdf output from the repo to get a first impression of all the features.

Happy thesis writing!


The template is licenced via the MIT Licence, so feel free to do whatever you want with it.

 Template Installation and Dependencies

You need the tex-live distribution and tex-live fonts to build. Run the main.tex and build with a LaTeX environment of your choice.

LaTex Master Thesis Download / Source

Get the source from my github repo at

Licence Information

Read the licence information for every package you want to install. All of this software comes without any warranty and is delivered as is. All of these projects are open source and using a free licence. You should always inspect the code before you install anything. Feel free to checkout or fork any of these open source projects on github. Contributors and critics are always welcome!

Jan Küster

I have graduated in Digital Media (M.Sc.) at the University of Bremen. After working as a consultant I am now developing the next level of leaning software with Meteor.

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