Get a new fresh cv / resume design with my LaTex template collection.  The templates focus on one-sided resumes where your most relevant information is wrapped into a compact and readable style. The repository is available on Github is will be maintained once in a while. I will improve the code when there is a need for a new template or to extend the current templates.

Update: There is also a new tikz-based Infographics cv online!

The templates are one sided but can be extended to more complex versions. Make sections modular with prebuilt custom commands. This also makes writing easier and you can focus on the content. Colors and fonts can also be easily customized. The whole code is documented with an intent of being highly self explanatory.

LaTex Template Installation/ Dependencies

You need the tex-live distribution and tex-live fonts to build. Run the main.tex and build with a LaTeX environment of your choice. You can get the code from my github repo at:

Read the license information for every package you want to install. All of this software comes without any warranty and is delivered as is. All of these projects are open source and using a free licence. You should always inspect the code before you install anything. Feel free to checkout or fork any of these open source projects on github.

Licence and Contribution

The code is released under the MIT Licence so feel free to do whatever you want with it. However, I would highly appreciate any critics, hints, improvements and pull requests. A long term goal is to create a neat and useful LaTex template collection for modern resumes. Everybody will benefit from your support. Contributors and critics are always welcome!

Feel free to contact me for any issue concerning the code, usage or ideas and don’t forget to check out my other projects on github.



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Jan Küster

I have graduated in Digital Media (M.Sc.) at the University of Bremen. After working as a consultant I am now developing the next level of leaning software with Meteor.

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