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Online Diagnosis Software for Developing Workforce Literacy (otu.lea)

Website | App | Code on github

Main period: 2010 – 2012
First release: 2011 (0.1)
Stable release: 2014 (1.0)

Summary: otu.lea is an online literacy diagnosis software targeting functional illiterates below PISA level one. It derived from a (German) federal sponsored research project. The software is designed for the audience specific needs regarding accessibility.

Work Portfolio: To the otu.lea website

Every textual occurrence is supported by visual and aural information at the same time. This improves the understanding of instructions and keeps cognitive resources free for focusing on solving the task.

The software contains about 15000 lines of code and builds on top of a generic rich e-assessment framework which has been invented as a side effect of this project. The code will soon be published under a free licence to support an improvement of the software quality.

Essential Contributions

  • Software Design
  • Implementation (15000 lines of code, 5000 lines of documentation)
  • Testing / Debugging
  • Field Testing / Usability Testing (see Results)